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"Earth Day concepts conceived at an "Island of thought" with the best brains / thinkers of the day - 1B participants in 2011 - MAJOR success story from small, humble, original, innovative beginnings ... NEXT?"

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Learn more about the late '50s and the origination of Earth Day concepts by going to Search / View entity "Airlie" for more details

Airlie / Earth Day April 22, 1970

"Gaylord Nelson was an integral part for many years - THE natural place to meet where Earth Day was conceived - BRILLIANT!"

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Primary (E-Com) Contact:Dr. Murdock Head PhD was the Airlie Farm Founder in 1956
Communications (#/text):540-347-1300
Secondary Contact:Chuck Smith American University, Mr.
Title:CEO and President Airlie Center / Foundation / AU
Address / Area: 6809 Airlie Road
Warrenton, VA 20187
2nd Phone # (ext):540-347-1300
Fax #:540-347-5957
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Brighter Communities host Eco-Education workshops at Airlie and Rainforest Trust as a center for Eco-Technology and Eco-Innovation

Hold your Green Meeting at Airlie. The Center is "E3" certified through the Department of Environmental Quality's Virginia Environmental Excellence Program.

4/24/07: Airlie is featured in the Fauquier Times-Democrat for its Environmental Program.

6/06/07: The Airlie Center offers green weddings!

Airlie Center is situated in the heart of the Virginia Piedmont, an area noted for its rich history and diverse habitat. We consider ourselves a steward of the hundreds of acres that comprise the Center's campus and the surrounding wetlands, meadows and woodlands. Airlie pays careful attention to the delicate balance between the natural environment and the Center's operations.

Airlie Foundation was founded in 1959 by Dr. Murdock Head. The Foundation and its Conference Center operate in tandem to develop and sponsor environmental programs, and host over 600 non-profit, government and private sector groups a year.

In 1956 Dr. Head and his wife purchased a large farm in Virginia, with a plan to create a place where individuals and organizations could meet without distraction to discuss and exchange ideas in a natural setting. By 1960 this vision had become a reality and the rural farm estate called Airlie had become Airlie Foundation, an international center for communication.

As one of the original conference centers in the country, Airlie was considered a model of innovation when it hosted its first group in 1960. Dr. Head had converted old farm buildings into conference facilities and created a relaxed but up-to-date atmosphere for guests, later referred to as an "island of thought" by Life Magazine.

Airlie's character hasn't changed much since the early sixties. The campus remains a secluded retreat set amid 2500 rural acres, although the facilities have been updated to provide guests with the latest conference technology.

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Airlie / Pavilion goes geo ...

"Gold LEED Cert. in 2012"

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PDF File:     energizing local sustainability 20july12.pdf

Created 7/20/12 Updated 10/9/12, 9/22/14, 1/7/16, 2/11/18 PDF no longer available

Airlie Pavilion goes geothermal with LEED Certfication

Brighter Communities hosts Eco-Education workshops as a center for Eco-Technology and Eco-Innovation - 9/22/14

Better Practices LLC has completed 1256 hours (as of 7/20/12) volunteering for free in Fauqier County Public Schools working with staff, teachers, students, principals and Administration on Energy Conservation / Sustainability efforts, processes, metrics, and tangible RESULTS of $2.2M in direct taxpayer savings and $5.9M in total "cost avoidance" Better Practices LLC has completed 600 hours as an approved vendor for Fauquier County Government saving $220K since efforts began in 2009 thanks to the onging support of the Board of Supervisors and the County Administrator / Executive staff Better Practices LLC completed 12 months onsite at Vint Hill EDA working with EDA staff and commercial enterprises instigating cost savings of $20K per year Better Practices LLC began to develop this repository of data in conjunction with SiteWhirks located on Main Street Warrenton as a "content" driven application for Energy Conservation / Sustainability "best / better practices" in Fauquier County Virginia

Airlie / Small Business / Main St.- Energy saving process for all - Phase 1

"Entities making a difference & Step 1: Increasing energy awareness"

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Primary (E-Com) Contact:IntraGroups - Better Practices LLC - An energy conservation company supporting finite energy reduction (the newest clean energy), biomass, geothermal, solar, water, micro-hydro, wind and other renewable energy systems
Communications (#/text):E-Com 1-1 to this Entity / E-Profile / Start your own NEW application in 24 hours - Guaranteed These URLs are our clean energy application platform and an example for your consideration
Secondary Contact:Hosted by SiteWhirks - Main Street - Warrenton VA - 20186 / Click logo on home page / Owners and developers of for high school sports activities including Fauquier, Liberty, Kettle Run ...
Title:Energized Fauquier supports #1 - (Finite) Energy Conservation and #2 - Sustainable best practices in our immediate geographic area
Address / Area: Broad Run, VA 20137
2nd Phone # (ext):540 219 0445 but leave message if unavailable
Fax #:Use E-Com instead! Registration required with current building kWh usage - your first BASE MARK (like a benchmark)
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Step 1: Increasing local energy awareness (Landing Page created 1/2/2011 updated 9/22/2014)

A) 50+ years ago at Airlie Farm (now Airlie Center) a select group of open-minded individuals brain stormed environmental issues facing our unique blue water planet - Mouse over top right photo for caption / click link for the history of how Earth Day concepts and strategies were born - From the Airlie web site (left click) ... Dr. Head advanced environmental leadership as a core priority at Airlie, both in the stewardship of the Center’s natural resources, and in the focus of Airlie programs. In 1969, Senator Gaylord Nelson met with students at Airlie to promote the concept of Earth Day, and returned to Airlie to commemorate the event in 1993 ... Reference: Earth Day (left click for Wikipedia)

B) Energized Fauquier Mid-Atlantic Region Results: Proven energy reductions in homes, businesses, organizations: 1) Fauquier County Public Schools saved 14% / $2.2M through a new energy conservation program Volunteer efforts / project history 2) Fauquier County Government saved $220,617 in 3 years - Results normalized for weather conditions 3) 5-bedroom home in Fairfax reduces kWh usage by 82% in <30 days 4) Marshall complex lowers energy use by 38% 5) Richmond residence (new tenants) increased heating costs up 50% before remedial training was put in place 6) Timeframes for these savings may vary but there were NO changes in HVAC systems and minimal (almost zero / building 7) ROI always positive

C) 40+ years of conservation: In the US, UK and Spain 75% of the increased demand for electricity since 1970 has come from conservation efforts (newest clean energy) - 25% from new power plant generation ... Reference: Madrid: Climate Strategy White Paper October 19 2010 

D) 40+ years of progress: Root causes of energy conservation? 1) Technology including Energy Star appliances, more efficient HVAC, Energy Management Control Systems (EMCS), insulation, windows, architecture, LEED certification, building design ... 2) Rapidly increasing costs of power generation and grid maintenance cause end-users to find ways to lower electrical consumption - Dominion Virginia Power increased rates 18% in summer of 2009... 3) Environmental issues such as Mountain Top Removal (MTR) causing long term (1000 year) toxic waste problems, loss of habitat, loss of life ... 4) Renewable energy systems for power generation / heating / cooling such as solar, geothermal, wind, hydro, biomass ... 5) Utility ability to turn-off end-user HVAC equipment during periods of peak demand ... 6) Education, knowledge, concern 7) Non-profits-politics-EPA-DOE...

CONGRATULATIONS - You have completed Step 1! 

To continue with Step 2: Key Step2 in Entity, click Search, then View or below

Finite energy conservation / technical innovation has been active for over 40 years in the US, UK and Spain. You understand how your local electrical power is generated. You know more about your local energy culture and environment. You see opportunities for saving money through energy conservation. You know that reducing energy usage in ANY building makes a collective difference and that 99.96% of the US population uses grid-based electrical power generated from finite (coal, oil, natural gas, propane) fuels for heating / cooling homes and businesses.

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Airlie:/ Top 20 Local Entities for Awards

"Presented 9/17/13 at Vint Hill Craft Winery"

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PDF File:     er-li Initial Top 20 Earth Day 2013.pdf


The Saint James’ Green Team invited you to a serious conversation about the energy efficiency of our homes, churches, schools, and public buildings on Sunday, January 17 2016 4 PM, in the Parish Hall, Warrenton -

Fauquier is HOME to many individuals, groups and entities that complete local Eco - Friendly projects / initiatives / programs with significant RESULTS.

If you know of other local efforts either Past, Present or Future - PLEASE let us know some high level details by either email to or text details to 540 219 0445.

Communications are ALWAYS private and confidential.

Our ONLY requirement is that we are allowed to verify programs and capture RESULTS!

Created 4/8/13 Updated 9/22/14, 1/7/16, 2/11/18


"These concepts are ingenious - mouseover lower images / click links to visit their sites! Join the discussion - how do we speed up business innovation / deployment?"

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Primary (E-Com) Contact:Organizations that may need your ongoing support
Communications (#/text):America on the move - this is where new jobs are being generated
Secondary Contact:Your network
Address / Area: Warrenton, VA 20137
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Brighter Communities hosts Eco-Education workshops as a center for Eco-Technology and Eco-Innovation - 9/22/14

Mouse-over images for captions - click URLs for links

Ask new businesses to Register and build their own Entities by product line.

Landing page created 1/26/08 updated 4/13/10, 9/22/14, 1/7/16, and 2/11/18

UP IN SMOKE: BUILDING ENERGY EFFICIENCY. The Saint James’ Green Team invited you to a serious conversation about the energy efficiency of our homes, churches, schools, and public buildings on Sunday, January 17 2016 4 PM, in the Parish Hall, Warrenton


ER-LI: May 15 2013 Schools, County, Business, Airlie - at Poplar Springs

"Learn how FCPS (Fauquier Public Schools) can save $3M per year"

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PDF File:     er-li Invitation for May 15 event 28April13.pdf

Energized Research / Learning Institute created on Earth Day 2013 (43rd) in memory of Dr. Murdock Head (Airlie) and his "Island of Thought" in the late sixties

Landing page created 4/10/13 updated May 2, 2013, September 22, 2014 and January 7, 2016

Brighter Communities hosts Eco-Education workshops as a center for Eco-Technology and Eco-Innovation - 9/22/14

Agenda designed for very busy schedules!

Stop by on your way home after work, or stop by later

Register* by texting 540 219 0445 before 5/12/13 

Energy Conservation / Sustainability in our Public Schools 5-7pm

Energy Conservation / Sustainability in County Government / Business

Networking – Talk to practical subject matter experts in small groups 

Brief unique ER-LI presentations with Q&A

Networking – “How can we do more?”

7pm: First drink "free" / cash bar 

8pm - ER-LI Wrap-Up: “Thank you for making a difference!”

Space is limited so register early.  Thank you!

Founder: Energized Research / Learning Institute (150 limit) 

** IWT: I Was There… When the Energized Research / Learning Institute was born.
Originally scheduled for 4/15/2013 but conflicts arose (English subtle, very dry humor)

Opening anouncements occured on Earth Day 2013 at the

Fauqier County Conservation Roundtable founded by Bob Lee and now chaired by

Paul McCulla - thank you both! 

 1st drink free / snacks / cash bar


The Saint James’ Green Team invites you to a serious conversation about the energy efficiency of our homes, churches, schools, and public buildings on Sunday, January 17 2016 4 PM, in the Parish Hall, Warrenton - Tell a friend - Pass it on

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