Airlie / Earth Day April 22, 1970

"Gaylord Nelson was an integral part for many years - THE natural place to meet where Earth Day was conceived - BRILLIANT!"

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Primary (E-Com) Contact:Dr. Murdock Head PhD was the Airlie Farm Founder in 1956
Communications (#/text):540-347-1300
Secondary Contact:Chuck Smith American University, Mr.
Title:CEO and President Airlie Center / Foundation / AU
Address / Area: 6809 Airlie Road
Warrenton, VA 20187
2nd Phone # (ext):540-347-1300
Fax #:540-347-5957
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Brighter Communities host Eco-Education workshops at Airlie and Rainforest Trust as a center for Eco-Technology and Eco-Innovation

Hold your Green Meeting at Airlie. The Center is "E3" certified through the Department of Environmental Quality's Virginia Environmental Excellence Program.

4/24/07: Airlie is featured in the Fauquier Times-Democrat for its Environmental Program.

6/06/07: The Airlie Center offers green weddings!

Airlie Center is situated in the heart of the Virginia Piedmont, an area noted for its rich history and diverse habitat. We consider ourselves a steward of the hundreds of acres that comprise the Center's campus and the surrounding wetlands, meadows and woodlands. Airlie pays careful attention to the delicate balance between the natural environment and the Center's operations.

Airlie Foundation was founded in 1959 by Dr. Murdock Head. The Foundation and its Conference Center operate in tandem to develop and sponsor environmental programs, and host over 600 non-profit, government and private sector groups a year.

In 1956 Dr. Head and his wife purchased a large farm in Virginia, with a plan to create a place where individuals and organizations could meet without distraction to discuss and exchange ideas in a natural setting. By 1960 this vision had become a reality and the rural farm estate called Airlie had become Airlie Foundation, an international center for communication.

As one of the original conference centers in the country, Airlie was considered a model of innovation when it hosted its first group in 1960. Dr. Head had converted old farm buildings into conference facilities and created a relaxed but up-to-date atmosphere for guests, later referred to as an "island of thought" by Life Magazine.

Airlie's character hasn't changed much since the early sixties. The campus remains a secluded retreat set amid 2500 rural acres, although the facilities have been updated to provide guests with the latest conference technology.

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