Fauquier County Government (FCGS) kWh Energy Savings = $220,617

"GREAT job Fauquier County staff / BOS!"

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PDF File:     fcgs fy12 5 year data 24june12.pdf

$220,617 saved!

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Click on "PDF" link (above) to view 9-page document summarizing 5 years of Fauquier County Government Systems (FCGS) Energy Conservation efforts and recommendations for FY13 (7/1/12). PDF contents:

Page 1 / Matrix 1: $220,617 saved. FY08 to FY12 Finite Energy Costs (5 year history) and comparison of FY12 year-to-date projection to FY11 actual

Page 2 / Chart 1 (from Matrix 1): Descending order (high to low) in FY12 year-to-date (ytd) expense sequence

Page 3 / Matrix 2: Descending kWh grid-based electrical usage for FY08 to FY12. FY09 is the benchmark / peak / baseline prior to energy conservation efforts being deployed and Dominion increasing rates 18% that year

Page 4 / Chart 2 (from Matrix 2): Descending high to low in FY12 YTD power usage sequence

Overall kWh usage is down overall for 4 years in a row - way to go - staff with BOS support! 

Page 5 / Chart 3 (from Matrix 1): Annual energy $ expenses shows peak benchmark (FY09), major impact of Energy Conservation deployment (FY10), and slight increases in FY11 and FY12 due to Dominion fuel charge / demand billing changes  

Page 6 / Chart 4 (from Matrix 2): Annual kWh use with notes

Page 7 / Matrix 3: Comparison of FY12 projected energy costs versus FY11 actual energy costs in descending sequence (MOST to LEAST improved)

Page 8 / Chart 5 (from Matrix 3): 9 buildings that REDUCED energy cost during this current fiscal year (FY12) and 4 that have reduced costs for 4 consecutive years - Sherriff Storage, Library / John Barton Payne, John Marshall Building, and Sherriff / 78 Lee Street (upper floor)

Page 9 / Chart 6 (from Matrix 3): 14 buildings that INCREASED energy cost during FY12 and 7 that increased energy costs by MORE than 10% (priority for root cause analysis). Note: Other buildings in this area reduced energy costs due to the unusually mild winter in FY12 (October - December 2011)


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