ER-LI: May 15 2013 Schools, County, Business, Airlie - at Poplar Springs

"Learn how FCPS (Fauquier Public Schools) can save $3M per year"

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PDF File:     er-li Invitation for May 15 event 28April13.pdf

Energized Research / Learning Institute created on Earth Day 2013 (43rd) in memory of Dr. Murdock Head (Airlie) and his "Island of Thought" in the late sixties

Landing page created 4/10/13 updated May 2, 2013, September 22, 2014 and January 7, 2016

Brighter Communities hosts Eco-Education workshops as a center for Eco-Technology and Eco-Innovation - 9/22/14

Agenda designed for very busy schedules!

Stop by on your way home after work, or stop by later

Register* by texting 540 219 0445 before 5/12/13 

Energy Conservation / Sustainability in our Public Schools 5-7pm

Energy Conservation / Sustainability in County Government / Business

Networking – Talk to practical subject matter experts in small groups 

Brief unique ER-LI presentations with Q&A

Networking – “How can we do more?”

7pm: First drink "free" / cash bar 

8pm - ER-LI Wrap-Up: “Thank you for making a difference!”

Space is limited so register early.  Thank you!

Founder: Energized Research / Learning Institute (150 limit) 

** IWT: I Was There… When the Energized Research / Learning Institute was born.
Originally scheduled for 4/15/2013 but conflicts arose (English subtle, very dry humor)

Opening anouncements occured on Earth Day 2013 at the

Fauqier County Conservation Roundtable founded by Bob Lee and now chaired by

Paul McCulla - thank you both! 

 1st drink free / snacks / cash bar


The Saint James’ Green Team invites you to a serious conversation about the energy efficiency of our homes, churches, schools, and public buildings on Sunday, January 17 2016 4 PM, in the Parish Hall, Warrenton - Tell a friend - Pass it on

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